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Teladoc - The future of healthcare

At Teladoc Health, we are transforming how people access healthcare around the world—creating a new kind of healthcare experience—one with greater convenience,outcomes, and value.


24/7 access for your entire household

"92% of patients reported 100% resolution"

For convenient access to high-quality healthcare, millions of Americans have connected with Teladoc Health. Members can resolve healthcare needs through on-demand or scheduled visits with licensed doctors spanning multiple specialties. 


As nurses, we have a front row seat to people at their worst. We are committed to your wellness.

 Our members will continue to travel the globe promoting “human caring,” serving the needs of populations and educating the next generation of nurses. NBNA advocates for and is a voice for under-representative groups.  We advocate for safe living, healthy lives, and peaceful transition by supporting health care for all.  More importantly, we are working to ensure a world and society that embraces and focuses on health and wellness, addressing healthcare determinants. When it comes to health care, where we are born, live, worship, work and play matters. NBNA members are foot-soldiers working locally and nationally to improve living conditions by advocating for clean air, water, and soil, safe food, housing, and communities, better education, and improved access to health services.”

Our alliance with Life Helping Hands and Teladoc ensures our mission of providing access to wellness care for all regardless of age, gender or community.

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Skip the trip to urgent care—our doctors are available by phone, video, or app 24/7.

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    For conditions like the flu, sinus infections, stomachaches, and much more

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Whether it’s a prescription sent to the pharmacy of your choice, the guidance to move forward, or a review of your condition from a medical expert, we’re ready to help.


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Whether your child wakes up with a fever at 2 a.m. or you’ve just received a serious diagnosis, we’re here.